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Discover with us the world of jewellery. We invite you to explore this wonderful world and these exceptional materials in this true online guide.

Jewellery beginner's guide and tips

From history to vocabulary, passing by the different types of jewellery, go without further delay to discover this art that has been perpetuated over the centuries…Nowadays, there is a wide variety of jewellery: costume jewellery accessible to a wide public, handmade jewellery by craftsmen as well as unique creations made with high quality materials. Develop your knowledge by browsing our website and become a true jewellery specialist.


Natural jewels: healing stones and lithotherapy

In today’s world, never seen before diseases appear and take millions of lives every year. Yet scientists and doctors are working hard to find the right cures for each disease. On the other hand, ordinary people find ways to cure certain diseases without going through modern medicine and what they have discovered has been proven effective with many patients A concrete example is health stones or lithotherapy, according to which a few stones are enough to heal! We recommend you visit Minerals Kingdom to uncover the secrets of natural stone jewellery and the lithotherapeutic virtues of many raw minerals.

Fashion accessories are the essential elements of a successful outfit!

The belt

The belt is an ideal accessory because it is both useful and pretty. It is available in many materials and multiple colours, so there may be one for each outfit. Like a perfume or a bag, a belt is an essential accessory to perfect your outfit.

The hat

If there is one accessory that you don’t always dare to wear, but which is remarkable and can make the difference on an outfit, it is the hat. There is something for all tastes, men, women, children; each season also has its own favourite shapes and materials.

The scarf

Besides it being essential to spend a warm winter, the sharp’s usefulness can be extended to other seasons. It depends on the material in which it is made. A pure wool scarf will be perfect for the cold of winter, cotton will be easier to adopt for autumn or spring, lighter and more pleasant…

Tips to choose the right clothes for your body shape

Create a wardrobe that enhances your silhouette while affirming your style by following our fashion tips. Cleavage, choice of colour, shape of clothes or even the little secrets of a stylist to deceive and hide the little flaws of the silhouette, everything is in our fashion guide to help you choose the right clothes for your silhouette and style!


Enhance your cleavage!

Sexy or just what it takes to be evocative, the neckline is a symbol of femininity and a weapon of seduction as long as you know how to enhance it. Pushy, rounded… it’s all about taste and desire.

The jeans that fit you best

The jeans that fit you best!

Are you a denim crazy? Do you find it difficult to find the right jeans, like many women? Follow our fashion advice tailored for your body shape and find the jeans cut that will enhance your silhouette!

Choose the right material

Choose the right material!

Your clothes’ material is essential for the enhancement of your silhouette. Between cotton, lycra or bamboo fibre, you should know how to choose the material that will perfectly fit your body!

And then the shoes, obviously!

Have you ever thought about the fact that a pair of shoes can bring you much more than just a protection for your feet and are much more than a means for you to walk freely?
 How about being elegant and stylish with your shoes? That is quite possible. It is even essential. Shoes actually make us elegant, feminine and stylish when they are well chosen and worn. They offer us a touch of originality in addition, they improve our look and often give us self-confidence. In this sense, shoes are an essential part of feminine beauty that can make you beautiful and sexy.To achieve all these features, it is essential to make the right choices when picking your pair of shoes!