Body jewellery

Ear piercing ideas

We already know about earrings. The current trend is the more or less conspicuous accumulation of small ear piercings. To get inspired before you go for it, we offer you a selection of the prettiest ear piercings. When it comes…

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Belly button piercing: Do you dare?

The belly button piercing is a timeless item that now appeals to all generations. Yes, but here it is, are bellybutton piercing and curves really compatible? Do you have to take special precautions, and is it really as pretty on…

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Piercing of the tongue: What is it?

Nowadays, tongue piercing is one of the most popular. It is at the same time “shocking”, provocative and an object of eroticization, although it is most often invisible to others. Contrary to popular belief, tongue piercing is probably the least…

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The nose ring: The new trending earring!

Once tribal, then punk, the ring worn on the nostril or septum is becoming more democratic. This does not prevent it from being controversial. We take a look at this piercing which is seen like a nose in the middle…

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Piercing: Which face jewel to choose?

You finally fell for a facial piercing, but you don’t know which jewel to choose? Depending on the area drilled, there are many possibilities, more or less obvious. Discover some tips for making your selection. How to choose the right…

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Types of jewellery

The Ring There are rings in all colours, shapes and sizes. However, it is possible to classify them into different ring families. The Solitaire, especially the diamond solitaire, is undoubtedly the most commonly chosen engagement ring. As its name suggests,…

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