How to choose your jewel?

Fancy, chic or glamorous, jewellery is a fashion accessory that will enhance a person’s clothing style. However, you have to know how to wear them so that they really are an asset. Thus, a bracelet, necklace or a pair of…

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Practical and original jewellery holders!

This article is for all those who do not know where to store their many jewels and small trinkets of all kinds. If you are like me and you accumulate a whole bunch of jewellery or small accessories, you must…

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Embellish your hairstyle with our selection of hair jewellery

Every year we can see new trends in the magazines and of course on the fashion shows. These trends are in clothing, jewellery and accessories. For some time now, a part of our body that we particularly like comes to…

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What jewel to offer to a baptism?

Spring is coming and it is soon time for great religious ceremonies. Every year there is an increase in weddings and baptisms during the first days of spring, especially in the years when May is particularly generous with holidays and…

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The gold watch with gold bracelet: The choice of exquisite women!

A gold watch with a gold bracelet is an expensive accessory (regardless of the brand). In return, they emphasize the high status and solidity. Gold is known for its immunity to external influences, so that the case and bracelet retain…

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