How to use sapphire in lithotherapy?

In both the past and present times, precious gemstones figure significantly in many traditions and societies. Since antiquity, man has always believed in healing using certain minerals such as saphire. Although not backed by science, there are millions of people…

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Jade Stone virtues

The Spanish conquistadors at the beginning of the 15th century named the Jade stone “piedra de ijada” meaning the stone for the iliac pit. At that time, Jade stone was used to soothe any nephritic problem. The Indians used stone…

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Pink Quartz stone

For centuries, pink quartz has been linked with love, heart and feelings. It was in the Middle East during the Bronze Age that stone was used for offerings or rites. These beliefs have survived through the ages and as more…

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Guide to the 7 chakras

In addition to our physical body, we have a “subtle” body consisting of energy channels. When this energy flows freely, we feel physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy. On the other hand, when these energy channels are blocked or slowed…

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Stone programming: How to program a stone?

First of all, choose the stone you want to program carefully. To choose a natural stone, you can visit and learn more about how to choose a semi-precious stone. Once the stone is chosen and you have identified how…

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Recharging stones: How to recharge your natural stones?

Whether it is in the form of a pendant, bracelet, rolled or rough stone, your natural stone must be purified and refilled so that it can bring you its benefits again. Visit and learn more about natural stones virtues….

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Purification of natural stones: How to clean crystals!

Crystals, natural stones or semi-precious stones, must be purified before use for several reasons. When you work or wear a natural stone, it absorbs your own energy, that of the environment and that of others. If you are interested in…

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What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is, in a few words, a natural stone treatment method. The word is made up of the two Greek terms lithos (stone) and therapeia (cure). However, lithotherapy is much more than that. This method of care is based not…

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