Belly button piercing: Do you dare?

The belly button piercing is a timeless item that now appeals to all generations. Yes, but here it is, are bellybutton piercing and curves really compatible? Do you have to take special precautions, and is it really as pretty on a woman with a round belly?

Piercing on a round belly: watch out for scarring

Whether you are round or thin, deciding to have a piercing done is never an act to be taken lightly, even if it is more and more common. Choice of professional, budget, assiduity in post-piercing care, it requires a minimum of thought before starting. And for good reason, piercings are safe as long as you take care of them. We often forget to mention that it takes many weeks to heal and that it is necessary to have an irreproachable hygiene and never forget to do your care as indicated by the professional. Problem, even if you are 100% diligent, it may be difficult for some people to heal. This is the case if you have diabetes, for example. Even if navel piercing and roundness are not incompatible, keep in mind that a round belly that presses on the piercing in a sitting position does not help healing. Nothing too bad though, or too much, just remember to keep your back straight during this delicate phase when you are sitting so you don't have to press on the piercing.

Is the belly of a round suitable for this kind of piercing?

Good news on the other hand, if having a small, plump can be a little embarrassing during the healing phase; it does not prevent you from having a belly button piercing. For this type of piercing, what is important is not the belly, but the navel! And yes, for the banana-shaped jewel to fit properly, it is generally better to have an introverted navel than a small button that stands out. But even then, trust the chosen professional to tell you where to do the piercing and what type of jewellery to place it. On the other hand, be careful with the size of the jewel chosen after the healing phase. If you have a choice between jewellery of different sizes, don't take a piercing that is too small and will compress the skin and may cause you some concerns.

What about aesthetics in all this?

Round women often wonder if the navel piercing will look as pretty on them as on a thin woman. And we can understand why when we know that it has been popularized by pop stars like Britney Spears with an ultra-flat and toned stomach. Well, in our opinion, navel piercing is like crop top, just because you have a stomach doesn't mean it's not pretty. In fact, everyone has their own way of wearing it and with a round belly, it's very pretty too. Take the time to choose a piece of jewellery that suits you and that you love; because navel piercing is a good way to reclaim your body and finally get rid of your complexes on your stomach.
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