The gold watch with gold bracelet: The choice of exquisite women!

A gold watch with a gold bracelet is an expensive accessory (regardless of the brand). In return, they emphasize the high status and solidity. Gold is known for its immunity to external influences, so that the case and bracelet retain their original appearance for many years. Gold watches can be for the wrist - most samples are represented by this particular variety. But there is an opportunity to buy modern models of pocket watches. Once they have been widely distributed, they can now impress others with their unusual and elegant look.

Advantages of gold watches

The yellow precious metal has many advantages, forcing it to favour:
  • Gold - the material that is not cheap and even today not everyone can afford to buy expensive jewellery. It is important that every woman feels cherished and loved, and the presence of a gold bracelet on her wrist will confirm to others that this is the case.
  • Fashion is constantly changing, and what was in vogue yesterday, today can be the height of the lack of taste - so to speak, everything but gold. This metal has been used as a decoration for several millennia, it does not lose its attractive appearance with time, and if a real master worked on it, then after many years, the product could also increase in price!
  • Women's gold watches with a gold bracelet are suitable for almost all fashionable outfits, provided you choose the right model.
The models It depends on the care with which the design of the gold bracelet is chosen, the look of the wristwatch for its lucky owner. Today, when buying a women's gold watch, the bracelet is the focus of attention. Small gold watches are generally relatively discreet, while the bracelet is visible from afar and will undoubtedly attract attention. Nowadays, the number is no longer an indicator of taste, so you can rarely find solid gold bracelets - refined work is much more appreciated. In the collections of each precursor of the world, there will certainly be several options that can enchant any woman of the beautiful sex.

Gold openwork cuffs

The gold openwork cuffs deserve to be highlighted among the popular fashionable solutions: both have a classic and modern design, leaving room for imagination as to the image of its owner. Minimalism The minimalist approach to the design of wristwatch bracelets remains extremely simple, but always relevant. The apparently discreet appearance of such a product makes a woman stand out among many others who seek to attract attention. She suggests that this lady is certainly interesting not only by the number of jewels on her wrist. The designers Celine and Calvin Klein successfully use minimalism in their developments, focused on a relatively large customer base. Art Deco You cannot overcome such a phenomenon in modern jewellery, such as art deco. It is here that masters have the maximum space to embody the most sophisticated creative ideas - they literally weave gold threads into the most unexpected figures, decorating them with golden colours and other decorative details. With such a masterpiece on her hand, the girl looks really feminine, tender and fragile. Decoration and inserts Decoration options that highlight the high cost of the product are even more important than its main material, gold. It has happened that today, the creative approach is valued much more than the material. The designers have therefore found the most unexpected solutions. Diamonds However, we will start with the most predictable - it will be a gold bracelet with diamonds. Girls' best friends will have a place on both the wrist and the watch if they are made of gold - the combination of this precious metal with diamonds is considered one of the most stable in jewellery. Even a small dispersion of small stones increases the cost of decoration several times, and its correct location allows you to create a unique play of light and draw the attention of others to the lightest and most airy products. As this solution is in stable demand, it is therefore not surprising that it is presented in the lines of the best jewellers and world-renowned brands. Beads Gold is perfectly combined with many precious stones. A striking example of this combination can be to make women's watches in gold with a gold bracelet, decorated with pearls. Pearls are traditionally considered as "feminine" stones. They perfectly underline the tenderness and beauty of women. They are therefore very much loved by women. Other decorations Modern art requires that we do not limit ourselves to old patterns, so that current designers can decorate gold bracelets with literally anything. In recent seasons, the trend has been towards lace and even feather inserts, which is very elegant and above all - unique. Choosing such jewellery involves a certain degree of risk, as it is not easy to get a complete picture for them, but if you find it, everyone will remember you. The colour Gold (yellow, white or pink) can be combined with any colour of stones, metals and other materials. Different colours can form a certain look. The gold bracelet elements with black (for example, with agate, argillite or volcanic glass) add severity and brutality to the image. The blue stones (aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and turquoise) highlight a soft image. The red colour of ruby, pomegranate, jasper or tourmaline can add sensuality and passion, while green stones (emerald, jade, chrysocolla and malachite) indicate natural harmony and wisdom. Popular sizes Since the main task of women's jewellery is to emphasize femininity and lightness, it is only logical that the jewellery itself does not appear heavy. Regardless of the shape and variant, women's gold bracelets with their width generally do not exceed 8 mm. In addition, if the bracelet is made not in the form of a fine weave, but with a solid cuff, it is often also dug at this size - the very aspect of the weight of the jewellery will add to the owner's charm. The watches themselves correspond to the same rule - their dial rarely exceeds 1 cm in diameter. The size of modern gold watches is not at all large in size, but the subtlety of the work of the jewellery has always been highly valued. The most important thing is that the hostess can say what time it is. In general, the small size of the product will only provoke additional admiration.

How and with what to wear them?

Any gold watch with a bracelet is a rather brilliant and very tedious detail. It is very important to choose the right outfit for this accessory. Women wear it with an evening dress, a suit, a romantic outfit for a romantic date or go to a restaurant. Elegant accessories with decorative elements are not suitable for sportswear or summer costumes. But don't forget that there are sports models of gold watches with a bracelet (e. g. Diesel) - in this case, the outfit will just be relevant.
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