How to choose your jewel?

Fancy, chic or glamorous, jewellery is a fashion accessory that will enhance a person's clothing style. However, you have to know how to wear them so that they really are an asset. Thus, a bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings must be chosen according to 3 criteria. The first concerns the types of clothing to match with the jewellery and more precisely its neckline. For example, a strapless top will work better with a choker than a t-shirt with a boat collar. The morning necklace will go more to the latter. As for princess necklaces, they will be ideal for V-neck blouses. Simply match the other jewellery with the necklace.

According to the morphology

When choosing a piece of jewellery, you have to take into account its morphology. In order not to accentuate the features of a square face, for example, opting for long earrings would be wise. Otherwise, bodies cut in 8, A and O shapes should favour short necklace style necklaces. For opulent women, women's fashion necklaces will be more suitable. These necklaces will give the impression of a long bust. On the other hand, this type of necklace should not be worn by slender girls. For these people with a slim silhouette, large jewellery will be more appropriate.

According to the complexion

The last criterion to take into account when looking for a piece of jewellery concerns its material and colour. Gold or gold jewellery will enhance the value of women with fair or slightly tanned skin. However, they can put silver ornaments on as long as they are brown. For those with powdery blue, green or grey eyes, a pink topaz, peridot or sapphire will suit them particularly well. For darker-coloured damsels, wearing a ring, earrings or a silver necklace is more advisable. In addition, a jewel adorned with a white or brightly coloured stone will perfectly match their complexion.
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