Practical and original jewellery holders!

Published on : 20 August 20192 min reading time

This article is for all those who do not know where to store their many jewels and small trinkets of all kinds. If you are like me and you accumulate a whole bunch of jewellery or small accessories, you must be in desperate need of adequate storage. A box is good, but necklaces get tangled easily. Rings are easily lost if the container is a little too big. And in our bathroom, we don’t all have the space to vary the storage space for jewellery, like in a shop! Today we assume our penchant for the accumulation of jewellery by displaying our entire collection on a rack or integrated directly into our wall.

We obviously know the customised wall frames, used to highlight our pretty jewellery. For this reason, we had already proposed a tutorial to you to make your jewellery frame here! But there are also other ways to store and display all your belongings. Sometimes it’s quite surprising what you can do with a simple wooden ladder or a small curtain rod! They can be used to decorate a room, to dress the top of a commode/hairdresser or to decorate a cute little cosy corner in a girl’s room.

If you also want to have trendy and decorative storage space, then this selection is made for you. If you are absolutely not manual and you do not like DIY work, you will find many ready-made jewellery organizers on the market in the form of acrylic boxes with drawers to store your rings/bracelets or velvet displays to keep all your bracelets close at hand. We invite you to make your own displays for fun and smart storage that will fit perfectly into your home!

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