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Every year we can see new trends in the magazines and of course on the fashion shows. These trends are in clothing, jewellery and accessories. For some time now, a part of our body that we particularly like comes to adorn itself with jewellery: our hair. Long abandoned or just accessorized with simple bars or rubber bands, they are this year honoured and come to adorn themselves with jewellery to shine with a thousand lights. Thanks to this trend, your bun, braid or loose hair will no longer have anything classic. First of all if at the hairdressing level you like to keep it simple and simply leave them detached you will have the possibility to embellish your hairdo with two small accessories: the headband and the bars. You can choose from three different headband styles. The jewellery headband seen on babillages.net for the Chanel haute couture fashion show, it is brilliant and oversized and will give you a glamorous rock look. If you are rather young girl in flower the flowered tendency remains in fashion and you will be able to choose a headband decorated with more or less big flowers. If you prefer to remain discreet and opt for a more natural and less conspicuous look, the festival wave has brought us the ethnic headband, it is much more discreet but full of shimmering colours.  You can also opt for a princess look by adding head-on jewellery to your hairstyle. The trend in the bars is the same, so you will have a choice between bright glamorous bars, clip-on flowers or bars with feathers or pearls. If you are a fan of the bun, braid or ponytail simply you can also enhance your hairstyle with jewellery thanks to the brooch, elastic and bun combs. Here again the possibilities are numerous. The trend is for elastic bands decorated with flowers to give you a little country look. If you are more glamorous or rock, choose accessories decorated with rhinestones or pliers with pendants (such as chains for example). In conclusion, the hair will be adorned with the most beautiful pieces this year and the many trends will delight all women, whatever their look.
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