What jewel to offer to a baptism?

Spring is coming and it is soon time for great religious ceremonies. Every year there is an increase in weddings and baptisms during the first days of spring, especially in the years when May is particularly generous with holidays and holidays. Although these moments are generally periods that you remember all your life, they require a certain amount of organization.

Baptismal preparations

Generally reserved for infants, the baptismal ceremony is in the highly regulated Christian culture. It is therefore advisable to reunite family and friends at a religious ceremony during which a baptismal medal will be offered to the child by the godfather and godmother. In Christian culture, baptism symbolizes the opening of the doors of paradise to the baptized individual. This is why it is common to baptize very young children, sometimes even only a few days after they are born.

The role of the sponsor

The role of the godfather and godmother in baptism is often overlooked. It is very common for the sister or brother to become a godparent. And yet this role is not without responsibility, in fact, being a godfather and godmother requires responsibility towards the child's parents. If you are ever a sponsor, you must commit yourself in case of difficulty of the parents to raise the child, to take him in and contribute to his education.
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