Getting started in jewellery design

Just like sewing, jewellery design is a very popular creative hobby! With DIYs of all kinds, you have the opportunity to imagine your own jewellery. It's up to you to make your own bracelets, necklaces or rings! Today there are a multitude of primers to give free rein to your imagination. This activity is for everyone who loves meticulous work. However, it is not recommended for young children because of the small parts to be handled that could be ingested. Here are in this article the different techniques to start creating costume jewellery. If you want original jewellery storage, find here 15 jewellery holder ideas to store your creations.

1. The necessary tools

An essential to start your business: the flat nose pliers. It allows you to handle primers with great precision. At first the use of the pliers may seem complicated, but over time you will become more and more comfortable with this tool. The cutting pliers will also be very useful for cutting chains or metal links, rigid cables. A very effective tool to start creating necklaces and bracelets! Choose the non-slip handles that are easier to handle. While jewellery glue will allow you to glue pieces such as cabochons or beads to assemble on your jewellery. It is an essential supply to personalize your creations according to your desires.

2. Use primers

Rings, chains, hooks, needles, nails and clasps are the basic elements to start making costume jewellery. Then to personalize your creations, you can use cords, beads and charms, polymer clay, feathers... There are a large number of primers to satisfy all those who are full of ideas. You will find all the necessary equipment in haberdasheries or on the Internet (on the website in the pearls and jewellery section). The shop offers kits for beginners between 10 and 20 € including all the necessary equipment and detailed instructions for use, a must-have to get started (from 8 years old).

3. Cut a chain

When you buy a chain by the metre for your DIYs, it is up to you to work on it, to add the clasp, the closing rings. To know how long to cut your chain, it depends on the jewel you want to make: a bracelet, a necklace... We advise you to take the measurement directly on yourself before cutting the metal chain. For your information, a necklace measures about 80 cm long, a necklace about 50 cm, a bracelet about 16 cm.

4. Examples of easy DIYs to get started

Here are some easy tutorial ideas to get started! They are ideal to practice the art of jewellery creation and expand your collection without ruining yourself. - A cabochon ring Original as you wish, the cabochon ring can be customized according to your desires, to perfect each of your outfits. To do this, you will need a metal adjustable ring holder, a glass cabochon, nail polish and special glue. - The pearl necklace It is very simple to make this tutorial perhaps a good activity for your children during the holidays. For this you will need raw wooden beads, a gold or silver metal chain, paint and a brush. We love the fact that we can customize our necklace according to our desires! - The bracelet made of cotton threads Colourful as you wish, here is the bracelet you need to brighten up your summer outfits! The material needed to make it is as follows: a clasp, a piece of rope, cotton yarn, glue and golden pearls. You can mix several yarn colours on the same bracelet to create a pattern or a colour gradient effect.
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