Stone programming: How to program a stone?

First of all, choose the stone you want to program carefully. To choose a natural stone, you can visit and learn more about how to choose a semi-precious stone. Once the stone is chosen and you have identified how this stone can help you, take some time to connect to its energy. To do this, contemplate it; visualize every detail, its shapes, its colour and the play of light. Hold the semi-precious stone in your hand by closing your eyes, and try to perceive very precisely the sensation you feel. Be aware of the aspects of the stone: smooth, flat, pointed or edge. Absorb all the feelings that the stone will provoke in you: These can be subtle sensations from within yourself or physical sensations. Then bring the crystal closer to your ear and listen to it. Some people hear the physical vibration of a crystal.

Focus on the objective of the crystal

Now hold your stone in your hand and concentrate your mind on the objective you have in mind. Sit in a quiet place and imagine that the thought of your mind penetrates deep into your stone. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.

Repeat this procedure to program your stone

For two weeks, repeat this procedure daily. You will need less time to connect to the stone. Ask the stone to assist you in the purpose for which you started the programming. After each session, it is possible to wear your semi-precious stone or leave it in a peaceful place.
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