Pink Quartz stone

For centuries, pink quartz has been linked with love, heart and feelings. It was in the Middle East during the Bronze Age that stone was used for offerings or rites. These beliefs have survived through the ages and as more and more civilization has used this magnificent stone, which is pink quartz. This knowledge of stone passed through the Carthaginians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Hourrites, Mesopotamians, Phoenicians and Etruscans. The history of pink quartz is also written in Greek mythology. It is said that the stone is the blood of Adonis, the lover of the goddess Aphrodite. During a hunt, a boar reportedly attacked Adonis. The animal's charge would have pushed it into brambles. It was then that Aphrodite, who was watching the scene, rushed to join her injured lover. It was with amazement that she saw Adonis dead and his blood transformed into pink quartz. That is why the Greek people acclaimed the goddess of love with this stone. In Egypt, pink quartz was used for its anti-aging properties. Indeed they used the powder of the stone to fight against wrinkles. The stone was also offered at the time of the death of a noble family in order to be placed in the tombs. Today, stone is used in various fields, such as lithotherapy, industry, watchmaking or jewellery.... Visit if you are interested in learning further more information about natural stones jewellery. Quartz is found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa

Characteristics of pink quartz

Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the mohs scale and is relatively resistant. This stone is made up of crystalline clusters and more rarely hexagonal crystals. This magnificent mineral belongs to the silicate family. Quartz is a very attractive stone in terms of its visual appearance. Indeed its transparent pink makes the stone more than pretty.

Virtues of pink quartz stone

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it is a crystal with many therapeutic virtues. Pink quartz can be worn directly on the skin as a pendant or bracelet but can also be placed in a room to diffuse its energy.

Purification and refilling of pink quartz stone

Whether in the form of a pendant, pink quartz bracelet, pink quartz rolled stone or in a block (exposed in a room), the Quartz must be purified and recharged so that it can bring you its benefits again. Indeed, after some time, the stone has given all the energy it had and needs to find natural energies. To do this, simply place your mineral for a few hours in a container of spring water and recharge it at the moon for one to two hours, be careful the full moon could cause the pink colour of the Quartz to disappear. In addition, avoid leaving it in sunlight for too long. Always purify and recharge a stone when you have just appropriated it in order to eliminate the previous vibrations.
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