How to use sapphire in lithotherapy?


In both the past and present times, precious gemstones figure significantly in many traditions and societies. Since antiquity, man has always believed in healing using certain minerals such as saphire. Although not backed by science, there are millions of people who have and still believe in the power of healing using precious gemstones. Sapphires have been used as a representation of the tranquillity of heavens and majesty. They were used for alchemy, healing rituals, magic, as well as astrological prognostication. They consist of aluminium oxide crystals and they come in a variety of colours except red, because the red variety is known as ruby. In the Middle Ages, members of the clergy wore sapphires to represent purity. In addition, the clergy developed the art of using gemstones to heal illnesses. It is believed that sapphires help to heal ailments, facilitate meditation, dispel evil thoughts, as well as bring peace and tranquillity. These attributes give a person the mental clarity to overcome obstacles.

After diamond, sapphires are the strongest. In Hebrew, it is known as “sappir” which means “the most beautiful thing”. Sapphires are known as wisdom stones because every colour comes with its own wisdom. It can enhance concentration, creativity, thought, and it promotes purity as well. It removes unwanted thoughts, mental tension and stress. It also focuses and calms the mind, bringing peace of mind, prosperity and serenity. It is a symbol of new commitment and love, and it represents loyalty and faithfulness. It is linked to the throat and brow chakras because that is where energy imbalances were believed to cause headaches, sore throats and nightmares.

To overcome life’s problems that affect people psychologically, it is of essence to use the natural stone jewellery because it is a psychological and mental healer. It will uplift your moods and balance your feelings. You will overcome your fears, and you will be more positive to handle your day-to-day challenges. The natural stone is highly recommended for people with not-so-good decision-making skills or low confidence. Sapphires help you to clearly understand your point of view. They also enhance your sense of self-worth. This will make you to go for what you want, rather than being swayed by other people’s decisions. If you have conflicting feelings for a person you adore, the blue variety will bring guidance and give you clarity.

Healing properties

In litho therapy, various forces collaborate with the physical body to improve and enhance curative body processes. If used effectively, the precious gemstones can heal any organ in the body. A liquid can be made from such stones and used to purify the internal systems and organs of the body. Sapphires helps regenerate hair, nails and skin. They prevent hair loss too. The stones relieve a person from skin ailments such as eczema and acne. They strengthen the nervous system and soothes pains like neuralgias and headaches. They prevent insomnia, excessive perspiration and vertigos. They heal pains like rheumatism, colic, gout, stomach aches, tooth aches, sinus pains, and general inflammations. They also strengthen eyesight. Interestingly, ancient Egyptians ground the gemstones to wash their eyes because they believed that sapphire was useful for their eyes. These induce quick relief from fever, reduce tumors and ulcers. They also treat blood disorders, prevent excessive bleeding and reinforces the body’s vein walls. They reduce fevers and pains associated with burns.

Sapphires can be used to treat a person in several ways. It can be worn as a natural stone jewellery in the form of pendants, rings, bracelets among others or can be put in your environment with an aim to enhance your working and living environment. Also, one can lay on the stones to energetically reconstruct their chakras and auras. It can also be used as a combination with other precious minerals such as gold, silver and diamond to achieve desirability.

How to choose mounting material

Precious metals are energy amplifiers. Thus, the metal that is used to mount the sapphires could also possess the ability to enhance its power. For instance, gold has been recognized for ages because of its bio compatibility as well as conductivity with precious gemstones. If put on the body, it is believed that it is essential for healing skin, blood, heart conditions, epilepsy, scoliosis, and autism. Gold is chemically inert, and as a result, it is believed to prevent spiritual corrosion, negativity and fatigue. If the wearer avoids greed, gold can help alleviate tension, feelings of inferiority and anger. Yellow gold harnesses the sun’s warmth and enhances realization of dreams and increases self-awareness. White gold exhibits the energies of the sun and the moon and rose gold increases spirituality. Often, silver is associated with feminine characteristics such as compassion and empathy. Thus, it is believed that if it is used to mount the gem, it can channel the positive energy of the stone into the wearer’s body.

Variation in colour

Other than the generic healing properties, various colours of the sapphires have additional attributes. Each colour is associated with its own kind of wisdom. The black sapphires are known to grow a person’s career and helps a person develop confidence in their intuition power. They are used by people associated with the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. They offer protection, concentration and have a grounding effect. Furthermore, they help to relieve anxiety, handle pain and grief, and bring wisdom. The blue sapphires are a representation of love and purity. They possess the power to either flourish or destroy the wearer’s life. They are associated with the zodiac sign, Gemini. Not only that, but they help a person to stay on the spiritual way, and they provide strength. Likewise, they enhance communication by facilitating a person’s self-expression. The throat chakra has a calming effect on a person’s nervous system, and it heals the thyroid. White sapphires remove obstacles and help a person pursue their life’s purpose. They are extremely protective, and they increase concentration and creativity. It is a crown chakra, and it upholds justice and morality. It is associated with the zodiac sign, Libra. It is an essential tool for people on a spiritual journey and people dealing with sicknesses. The yellow sapphires are a solar plexus chakra and are attributed to the planet Jupiter. It is associated with Leo and it attracts wealth and prosperity to the home. Yellow sapphires increase intellect and overall concentration, increasing a person’s wisdom. They remove impurities from one’s body and enhance the lymphatic system. Because of their curative energy, yellow sapphires treat digestive disorders and liver problems. They are associated with offering positive vibes, happiness, and helps alleviate fears. The green variety is known as the stone of fidelity. This is because it brings compassion, integrity and loyalty. It encourages sympathy from people and stimulates vision. It is a heart chakra associated with the Gemini and Libra. It improves both external and internal vision as well as enhances the ability to recall dreams. Pink sapphires are considered the best for expressing sexual intents, promoting sex drive and helping people who have suffered negative sexual occurrences in their lives. It brings joy, happiness and life. The orange variety is linked with love and creativity. It is a wonderful tool for people looking for spirituality, sensuality, creativity and love. It is a great amulet for artists, singers, writers and other people in fields requiring a creative mind.

Location to wear

Each finger has its unique abilities to heal. The natural stones are worn on the index finger to heal stomach and respiratory ailments. They are worn on the middle finger to strengthen the spleen, liver and mind. If worn on the third finger, they heal kidneys and the circulatory system. For joy and happiness, it is worn on the third finger. They heal the reproductive system, legs, knees, and feet if worn on the little finger.

How to choose the best variety for health benefits

A proper balance of mental, physical and emotional health is needed to achieve full recovery. As a result, it is of essence to find healing properties that exhibit the said attributes. These natural stones can heal your body and soul. When choosing the stone, make sure to select the best, offering attention to color and weight. The astrologer’s orders regarding carat size and weight need to be adhered to. Also, to get the best, ensure your natural stone comes from a place recognized for quality and genuine stones that have litho therapeutic aspects. Places to look out for include Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Australia, Pakistan among others. The higher the quality of the stone, the better. If you use a low-quality stone, you will need a huge piece to achieve the maximum effect.

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