Jade Stone virtues

The Spanish conquistadors at the beginning of the 15th century named the Jade stone "piedra de ijada" meaning the stone for the iliac pit. At that time, Jade stone was used to soothe any nephritic problem. The Indians used stone a lot for kidney pain or kidney colic. In the past, when a person dies a jade stone cicada was placed in the mouth of the deceased as a symbol of eternal life and purity. This stone was also used by weapon builders, who used the stone to design axes. In China, Jade was used as a social brand; it was present on jewellery or even objects. The people who possessed it were then filled with the dignity of the empire. In the east, Jade was the sign of the absolute power of the sun embodied by the emperor himself. Indeed, he held a Jade sceptre, a sign of power, and bequeathed Jade tablets to his princes. For the most important first-row princes, they received 2 columns engraved in jade. For the 2nd rank princes, the tablet had a man standing. For the princes of the 3rd rank, the jade stone was a curved man. For the princes of the 4th row, the tablet was accompanied by millet. For the men of 5th rank it is with a rush leaf that the jade tablet was bequeathed. Today the Jade stone, the stone of power can be found in Canada, China, USA and Myanmar.

Purification and refilling of Jade stone

Whether in the form of a pendant, bracelet, rolled stone or block (displayed in a room), the Jade must be purified and refilled so that it can bring you its benefits again. Check www.minerals-kingdom.com if you are interested in learning more information about natural stone virtues. Indeed, after some time, the stone has given all the energy it had and needs to find natural energies. To do this, simply place your mineral for a few hours in a container of distilled water and recharge it in direct sunlight or in a Quartz cluster for one to two hours. Always purify and recharge a stone when you have just appropriated it in order to eliminate previous vibrations.

Characteristic of Jade stone

This stone is part of the family of gems, so they are hard and resistant rated at 7 on the Mohs scale. Nephrite Jade is composed of nephrite i.e. magnesium and calcium silicate. It is relatively easy to find in deposits. Jade jadeite composed of aluminium and sodium silicate. This kind of Jade is much more precious and therefore more difficult to find. This stone can be of different colours, GREEN and traditionally called "Mayan jade", WHITE it is given a 2nd name which is "Olmec jade", GREEN BLUE it is the cobalt salt which makes it like that, BLACK because of titanium salts as well as more rarely ROSE bound to manganese and iron salts.

Virtues of Jade stone

Because of its virtues, this stone is excellent to offer to a child. It solves problems, eliminates predispositions to accidents, achieves dreams (children have so many), goals and ideals. It also brings balance, wisdom, compassion, courage to overcome hardship and longevity.
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