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Jewellery is very important in a look. First of all, it is necessary to differentiate each type of jewellery. Thus, there are classic and timeless jewellery that can be worn with almost anything and harmonize with any outfit. These are fine jewellery with little or no stones, rhinestones or pearls. They are discreet and easy to wear. And there is the more conspicuous jewellery with pearls, stones or many rhinestones that must be worn sparingly. You will find on our shop jewellery of all styles with an important discount (30%). Just click on the pictures, visit the site and if you decide, you will get an additional 10% with the code you received if you have registered.

Jewellery according to your style of the day

- A modern style: The modern woman prefers comfort and falls for accessories. For a comfortable and practical look while following fashion, she must wear very trendy jewellery. The fashion of jewellery changes over the years, even seasons, so she must collect jewellery... - A sportswear style: the sportswoman is dynamic by nature and often adopts a casual style. She will always favour comfort and will wear discreet and practical jewellery such as a thin necklace, ear studs, bracelets and a watch that can easily be removed to indulge in her favourite sport... - Ethnic style: The woman who likes to wear ethnic jewellery prefers raw materials such as silver, gold, steel, wood, northern lava pearls as in the time of the Vikings, Polynesian black pearls etc. These ethnic jewels that make people travel, inspired by African, Indian or Amerindian cultures... - An elegant style: The elegant woman is chic and refined. She will choose her jewellery according to brands and quality. She loves timeless jewellery and it will always match her outfit... - A romantic style: The romantic woman generally likes pastel tones and will choose delicate jewellery with romantic symbols such as flowers, cats or other animals, hearts... - A glamorous style: the seductive and a little sexy woman will prefer jewellery with rhinestones, sequins of many crystals... And you, what styles will you adopt the one that corresponds to your activity of the day? In fact, depending on your schedule, you will become elegant or romantic, seductive or sporty so choose the right clothes and then the right jewellery to match your outfit. Keep in mind the rule of three, a ring + a necklace + earrings or a bracelet + a necklace + a ring... Grant yourself only one of the three jewels. If you wear a silver ring, avoid associating it with a wooden ring, pearl earrings or a gold or yellow gold plated necklace. Each piece of jewellery you wear must add value to your outfit.
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