Types of jewellery

The Ring

There are rings in all colours, shapes and sizes. However, it is possible to classify them into different ring families. The Solitaire, especially the diamond solitaire, is undoubtedly the most commonly chosen engagement ring. As its name suggests, the solitaire is a gold or platinum ring, set with a diamond, ruby, or sapphire. Shouldered Rings are made from a central stone, supported by two stones, usually diamonds, smaller. They highlight the size and colour of the central gem. These rings are particularly suitable for coloured stones. A diamond on either side of a ruby, sapphire or emerald will enhance the depth of its colour. The Paved Rings include rings set with several precious or semi-precious stones. It can be a simple circle or a diamond fall around a central stone, or a very elaborate ring, set with dozens of paving stones. You and I are less common these days. Very popular a few decades ago, these rings are made of two stones mounted side by side. Similarly, Trilogy Rings have three stones whose dimensions may vary depending on the volume required. It is common to see these models set with three increasingly larger stones, in order to give momentum to the frame.

The alliance

Since the dawn of time, the wedding ring has been the jewel that symbolizes the union of a couple. And although it was originally a simple ring made of a common metal, today the alliance is more precious. There is a very wide variety of them. But the main difference between one alliance and another comes from the presence, or not, of precious stones, usually diamonds. With Diamond Paver Alliances, it is possible to imagine almost any configuration: set with round-cut diamonds, princess, or any other shape; or with stones set on claws, on rails, or in closed settings. In the case of unsecured Alliances, the possibilities are fewer. It is then a question of choosing the curve and width of the ring, and of course the metal, gold or platinum. It is possible to engrave the rings, including on the visible part. This is what makes each alliance unique.

The Pendant and the Necklace

A Pendant is a mobile jewel, composed of one or more stones, mounted on a chain. The Necklace refers to the stones whose setting is fixed to the chain. This is what differentiates pendants from necklaces. The creation of more elaborate necklaces, set with many stones, is a matter of high jewellery. Indeed, if we want the necklace not to be rigid and to fit the neck, it is necessary to use complex, and very time-consuming, assemblies. Unless the necklace contains a significant stone, the price of the stones is then a minority compared to the pure manufacturing costs.


There are three main types of earrings: Fleas (or ear nails) are probably the most common. It is usually a diamond or a coloured stone alone, mounted on a small setting. But of course you can create loops with a more elaborate design, and set with several stones. These earrings are for women with pierced ears. The Alpa system is the clasp recognized by all for its reliability and comfort when worn. It is made of the same precious metal as the buckles, gold or platinum. Sleepers also require pierced ears. Most of the time, it is a single stone, set, and mounted on a gold or platinum wire. Thus, the stone hangs a few millimetres under the ear, which allows it to follow the movements of the head. Just like fleas, we can imagine assemblies made of several precious or semi-precious stones. Hanging loops are more elaborate. The jewel then contains several stones assembled according to assemblies that can be very complex. When the loops become large, it is then preferable to use so-called "snowshoe" clasps that attach to the earlobe.

The Bracelet

The most common bracelets are usually set with a few stones, mounted on a rigid ring, or a chain. Important and more elaborate bracelets are much rarer. The reason is simple. Just like a necklace, a bracelet in a beautiful way requires not only a large number of stones, but above all, a very important working time. Unfortunately, the sums in question are rising very quickly.
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