Ear piercing ideas

We already know about earrings. The current trend is the more or less conspicuous accumulation of small ear piercings. To get inspired before you go for it, we offer you a selection of the prettiest ear piercings. When it comes to style, the smallest details must be taken into consideration: a bare shoulder, a knotted belt, trendy jewellery. On the earrings and piercings side, the tendency is to accumulate. You can choose a very discreet, refined or even more striking style. The advantage of piercings is that you can change as often as you like. And for those that have not yet been pierced, some models are fake piercings that are worn around the lobe or cartilage.

Ear piercings: which one to choose?

In the imagination of our mothers, they are rather reserved for gothics and bimbos. However, piercings quickly became more popular and became very fashionable! To decorate our pretty ears, piercings are the ideal solution. If you already have ears pierced once or twice, you can opt for an additional hole above the lobe for an accumulation effect. We also fall for piercings on the cartilage, towards the middle of the ear, perfect for wearing very fine creoles. In another style, you may choose to wear a piercing on the top or centre of your ear. These two types of piercings are called helix and tragus respectively. In both cases, you can opt for small buckles, more or less large creoles or straightforward long silver or gold bars.

How to wear your ear piercings?

Are you rather small rhinestone, simple Creole, hanging chain or geometric shapes? As for piercings, you have a lot of choices. The good news is, you can mix it up! Whether it is fleas, large jewellery or under the lobe, just keep in mind (or by ear) that jewellery should not overlap. For aesthetic reasons, we prefer a refined effect! The big trend at the moment is the very fine creoles, which are worn in accumulation all along the ear. Combined with very small chips, the effect will be very fine and feminine. And we love it!
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