What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is, in a few words, a natural stone treatment method. The word is made up of the two Greek terms lithos (stone) and therapeia (cure). However, lithotherapy is much more than that. This method of care is based not only on stones, but also on crystals and minerals, in various forms: rough, polished or cut stone; elixir made by soaking the crystal in water during a favourable period such as the full moon... Visit minerals-kingdom.com and learn more about lithotherapy. The premise of lithotherapy is that it is possible to influence one's physical and psychological state thanks to the energy released by the stones, mainly in the form of vibrations. It includes many rituals such as purifying the stone (by burying it under the ground, dipping it in distilled water...) or recharging its energies when in contact with an energy source (sun, moon...). Lithotherapy is an ancestral healing technique: there are echoes of it in the healing methods of other civilizations, which are more and more widespread in Europe today, such as Japanese shiatsu, Indian Ayurvedic medicine....

The virtues of stones and their benefits

The use of stones to heal dates back to the dawn of time. The methods of healing by minerals appeared at the same time as the methods of healing by plants, as evidenced by some ancestral objects such as the famous Nippur tablets found in ancient Mesopotamia. Research has shown that minerals were used by almost all ancient civilizations: Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, Aztecs, Chinese, Japanese and Indians. However, it was not until 1644 and the book by the doctor Anselme Boèce de Boot (notably the doctor of the Emperor of the Romans Rudolph II) entitled Le Parfait Joaillier or the history of stones, that lithotherapy began to take shape. Indeed, this book explains the curative properties of stones and paved the way for other books, including “L'encyclopédie” des drogues by M. Lémery, published by Louis XIV's doctor in 1748. In France, lithotherapy has known a revival of interest since the 70s: one begins to wear pendants and jewellery with healing stones, or to place them in one's home in raw form to create good waves.

The benefits of natural stone

But what are the real benefits of stones? According to lithotherapy, each stone emits an energy that is unique to it, and that is beneficial to us. This energy depends on its properties: colour (also called chromo-therapy), crystal geometry, chemical composition, purity level... The benefits of stones are above all a general, physical and psychological well-being, which facilitates personal development. Indeed, stones can interact with your internal vibrations to calm you down, restore your self-confidence, or help you fight against negative emotions (stress, envy and jealousy, anxiety...) Lithotherapy cannot replace traditional medicine but can considerably facilitate its action by creating a state of mind conducive to recovery. They can also help prevent disease.
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