Elegant jewellery for remarkable women!

Inlaid with mother-of-pearl and gold powder, the colour sublimates all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest. Extremely easy to wear, it literally blends with your skin's colour to enhance its natural radiance. Rings and long necklaces in artisanal resin will subtly dress your female wardrobe, in winter and summer. Focus on two essential pieces to feminize your outfits with elegance and refinement.

Indispensable n°1: a long unbleached necklace

Long necklace made of resin beads, the necklace is incomparable to bring a touch of femininity to any outfit. Very elegant on a long dress or evening outfit, it is also perfectly suited to more casual looks. In winter, it can be worn over a blouse or turtleneck; in summer, it can simply be combined with a colourful top or a flowing dress. Essential for the "jewellery wardrobe", the saltire lengthens the silhouette and allows you to play with different styles. Choosing it in the colour is therefore a safe option: you can wear it with most of the parts of your wardrobe without risk of slipping. According to your desires, you can create a strong contrast, by combining it with dark tops (navy blue, dark brown...) or on the contrary wear it in shades on a cream or powder pink top. Choose a model with a refined design, such as the Sue necklace for example, simply composed of several oblong resin beads linked together. The presence of a thin gold chain will allow you to adjust the length of the necklace to suit your different outfits. Another possibility: choose the pendant version, in the shape of a drop, worn on a gold chain. This type of model is very simple and suitable for women with discreet elegance. The iconic Marion pendant is worn in this way in all circumstances.

Essential n°2: an easy-to-wear ring

Too often neglected, the ring is the ideal accessory to bring a feminine note to a strict look. Especially since hands are often the first thing your interlocutor looks at! Nothing is more flattering than a pretty ring to enhance your freshly manicured hands... Here again, the colour is a safe option, whether you choose a piece of jewellery for yourself or to give as a gift. Indeed, the neutral palette is the easiest to match, and an unbleached ring will not risk swearing with your other jewellery. There are two options for choosing the design. Rings made entirely of resin will have a more imposing effect. Sleek, like the cabochon of the Adriana ring, or more elaborate, like the flower of the Karine model: it is up to you to choose according to your taste and the desired effect. The models on gold frames are lighter and have the advantage of being adjustable. They are therefore to be preferred in the context of a present. Timeless, the Elea model and its cabochon marbled with mother-of-pearl and gold, is suitable for all silhouettes and will quickly become your inseparable.
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