Good reasons to offer a ring to a woman!

And which are not a proposal! If giving a jewel to a woman is not insignificant, giving a ring is particularly delicate because of the symbolism of this jewel. Indeed, when we think "ring" we often think "engagement ring" or "wedding ring". However, it is quite possible to offer a ring to a woman without involving any commitment.

There is not one but many rings

The first reason is that there are a multitude of types of rings; the solitaire traditionally offered on the occasion of an engagement is only one of many choices. Indeed, the ring is often costume jewellery. Made of plastic, steel or ceramic, the ring can be very wide, printed or plain, very colourful or composed of several rings. The choice of rings whose style is very far from the symbolic solitary diamond or the bridal ring is vast!

A ring is within everyone's reach

Just as there are many types of rings, there are many prices for rings. If the diamond ring is offered a priori on a particular occasion, the fancy ring is more accessible as an everyday gift. The size of your wallet is no longer an excuse because with a ring, you can completely please without ruining yourself!

The ring is loved by women

The ring is simply one of women's favourite jewellery. In addition to traditional weddings and engagements, women appreciate receiving a ring for an important event, such as a birthday (20 years, 30 years, etc.), passing an exam or a new job. Any excuse is good to add a ring to your finger, so no fuss to offer a ring!

A ring personalizes a style

As stated in point 1, there are many ring styles for many styles of women. Some will prefer a thin and discreet ring; others will see themselves with a wide and coloured ring. In general, a woman's ring style is in line with her general jewellery style: who likes flashy necklaces and bracelets will probably prefer a rather flashy ring. Be careful because some women don't like rings at all... while others wear them on each finger! If a ring personalizes a style, as with any gift, then its choice is not made lightly.

Even men wear them.

Because contrary to what one might think; women do not have the privilege of rings. Even in ancient times, men strutted around with rings. In the Middle Ages, the wearing of the ring was a sign of power for a man. If fashion has since evolved, nowadays, the traditional wedding ring is far from being the only type of ring worn by men. Knight ring, steel ring... The wearing of the man's ring has become trendy and even virile again. No more complexes and questions about wearing a ring: everyone can wear a ring and offer one without any ulterior motives!
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