Recharging stones: How to recharge your natural stones?

Whether it is in the form of a pendant, bracelet, rolled or rough stone, your natural stone must be purified and refilled so that it can bring you its benefits again. Visit and learn more about natural stones virtues. Indeed, after some time, the stone will have given all the energy it had and will need to find natural energies. There are several methods to recharge your stone.


One of the most common and simple methods is to expose your semi-precious stone to natural sunlight for a few hours. Be careful though, as some crystals can cause a fire, do not leave your stone unattended or in a flammable place.


Leave your stone in the moonlight. Try to expose it during the full moon or new moon for better recharging. Lunar stones are generally equipped with cold colours.

Quartz or geode heaps

Place your semi-precious stone on a quartz pile or inside a geode to recharge your stone. Be careful, not all stones can be recharged on an amethyst geode for example. We advise for most stones (each stone has its own reloading method) to reload them onto a rock crystal cluster which is a property neutral stone.


A little less common, the fire charging technique is based on the heat released by the flames, which has high energy content. However, keep your distance and do not place your stone in the fire, which will damage your mineral.
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