Purification of natural stones: How to clean crystals!

Crystals, natural stones or semi-precious stones, must be purified before use for several reasons. When you work or wear a natural stone, it absorbs your own energy, that of the environment and that of others. If you are interested in learning more information about natural stones, visit  minerals-kingdom.com/. It is also possible that your stone may become dull and dusty, or that it has lost its brightness, vivacity, and colour. So it's time to clean it up! But how is that? Here are some methods of purifying natural stone.

Good or bad energies

Semi-precious stones absorb energy from the environment in a natural way. There are several methods of crystal purification (see below), which will purify and eliminate the excess energy absorbed. We tend to want to define this absorbed energy as good or bad, but there is really no difference between the two: energy and simply energy, without making any judgments. It just needs to be cleaned or purified. For example, the ancient Greeks used superb quartz crystal globes to cauterize wounds. And yet, if this stone is left exposed to direct sunlight, the energy generated is capable of setting your house on fire. So don't you worry about defining whether this energy is good or bad, just clean them up to fully enjoy their benefits.

Remove dust

Indeed, your stones will take dust, especially if they are supported stones in your home. The dust adheres by electrostatic charging and thus affects the specific electrically generating properties of semi-precious stones. They will therefore not be as effective as cleaned stones. To remove dust, you can use a soft brush by rubbing very lightly. A make-up brush or a small brush will also do the trick. Repeat this regularly to avoid dust deposits.

Cleaning methods

There are different methods to clean your semi-precious stone. The most common way is to immerse the stone in distilled water for several hours, or by immersing them in a solution of water mixed with a little mild detergent. You can then rinse them thoroughly with water to make them shine and then dry them in the open air or with a soft cloth.
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