How to wear your accessories properly to have style?

Wearing your woman's accessories properly to give you a good look is one of the essential keys to your personal style. It is the final touch that will differentiate you and definitively express who you are. Accessories are not optional, quite the opposite. They are a real pleasure for the eyes. But you don't always know which ones to choose, how to wear them properly and how to match them to your clothes. And that's only natural, as there are so many of them. We guide you here through the incredible wealth of accessories. You will know which ones to choose first, how to associate them with your clothes and how to wear them well, among other things, according to your morphology. Don't take them lightly; accessories have more than one trick in their bag to seduce you. You can't do without it anymore!

Why are accessories the allies of a successful personal style?

Have you ever had the feeling of cherishing an old family ring; a bag from a foreign country that has never left you again or a pair of shoes that enhances each of your outfits for several seasons? Or a hat that dresses your face as if it had been created for you? It is the magic of the accessory that makes its effect! On its own, it is able to transcend your look, even basic, to give you an unforgettable and unique look. And that is the interest of this essential piece: to accompany you to define your personal style. A unique style, yours. It doesn't take a long speech for you to really know that an accessory is not futile. It is also in the detail that your style will be created. It is necessary for you to find the one and all who will make you happy and fulfilled in all circumstances.

What accessories should you absolutely have in your wardrobe?

This guide here is to find out what accessories you should have in your dressing room. If you read me regularly, you know my philosophy about clothing style: just like your clothes, it's not about multiplying your accessories endlessly. But rather to opt for quality and carefully selected parts. So we really advise you to take your time to find the accessories that will be part of your life. And above all, avoid choosing them from the big chains. Instead, meet creators, small rising brands; hunt in vintage stores, on flea markets, at flea markets, when you travel. This will make your toolbox richer, more qualitative and sustainable. We also advise you to define in full awareness what suits you and what accessories you want to wear.  Of course, you do not have to have them all in the list below. It's more about identifying what affects you the most. Over time, you will see that your eye will sharpen.
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