The 5 basic rules for choosing the right fashion accessories

Fashion victims have many problems: not only do they want to buy all the accessories at the same time, but they also have to learn to associate them well with their outfits. And how do you manage not to get lost in this diversity of colours and patterns? Fashionists confirm today that it is simple and fun to combine the right accessories according to your outfit. You will see that after reading this article, you will even be able to advise your friends without difficulty. Shall we try it?

Don't exaggerate too much

Even if you love your jewellery, it's not worth wearing them all at once, especially if they are "oversized" or eye-catching accessories: massive necklaces, large earrings and large rings with large stones. It is better to choose an accessory among these, and your look will be more elegant. If you can't resist the temptation to wear some ostentatious accessories, then don't forget that they should stay as far away from each other as possible. So you can make a combination of earrings and a bracelet or earrings and a ring, for example.

Be careful when choosing your necklaces

Pendants can easily turn a young woman into an old lady, so be careful with the size of your accessory. Of course, it all depends on your taste, but in some cases, a large pearl necklace mixed with other accessories can quickly make a "Christmas tree". If you choose a necklace made of natural pearls, remember the following rule: large pearls are suitable for older women. For young women, it is advisable to choose accessories with small beads. A long necklace with "mother-of-pearl imitation" pearls goes very well with a multitude of outfits. And, of course, when it comes to natural stones, these kinds of accessories look quite extravagant and artificial, but on older women, it will bring out their elegance.

Be careful with the combination of accessories

Sometimes it is difficult to combine accessories according to his look, especially since your jeweller certainly offers you items with different textures and materials. So when we add the problems of choice of clothing and make-up, we are quickly confronted with major problems. It is important to choose the right accessories according to your style. Remember that if you have difficulty choosing the accessories that will go well with the clothes you wear, it is better to choose minimalist jewellery. This way, you will be sure not to make a mistake of taste. Thin rings, small earrings and a thin necklace will combine perfectly, so you won't have much chance of making a mistake. And what's more, these accessories can be adapted to any occasion and any style, and they are very trendy at the moment.

Don't be afraid to wear gold and silver

Until recently, stylists and image consultants agreed that the combination of gold and silver accessories did not work. A little later, jewellers began to manufacture rings and bracelets in which these two precious metals were found. From then on, the general opinion began to change completely. There must be some limits, however: if you want to wear accessories made of different metals at the same time, try to combine them well. It is important to choose accessories with the same style and shape. It will be easier to choose accessories of the same kind: for example, only rings, or only bracelets. You can of course wear an item that is made of gold and silver. Once again, minimalism is the watchword here. That way, you'll definitely avoid taste mistakes.

The accessories must adapt to your look and occasion

When choosing your accessories, you need to base yourself on the details of your wardrobe and your look in general. If you go to work or have a business meeting, if possible, try to avoid wearing jewellery shaped like little hearts, flowers or stars. And here again, minimalism and a sense of adaptation according to the look are essential. If the atmosphere of the place you are visiting allows it, you can add some bright details to your outfit, for example, breastplate necklaces can be combined very well with a simple white shirt.
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